Studying Medicine in English, in Europe

Students have been asking me about medicine study options in Europe, outside of the UK. While every country in Europe offers Medicine programs, there seems to be a lack of programs entirely taught in English in Western Europe e.g. France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain. Regardless of the language of instruction, entry is typically subject to a numerus clausus and an entry exam, and for non-EU citizens, the number of places might be even more limited. In Switzerland for instance, medicine courses are only open to Swiss nationals or permanent residents. In any case, competition for a place in medicine is generally fierce and students may want to consider ‘medicine-related’ options as a plan B such as Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Dietetics, Physical Therapy, etc.

The following Medicine programs may be suitable for English speakers. At least some basic knowledge of the language of the country is advisable for a smoother transition into the daily life.

In the Netherlands:

In Italy:

IMAT Admission entry test for Universities La Sapienza Rome, Milan and Pavia:

In Spain:

In Poland:

In Bulgaria:

In Ireland:

In Czech Republic:

In Hungary:

In Romania:


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Global Nomads: * People with an international lifestyle, of multi-national background or living/working in more than one country * People who grew up in a country other than their own (a.k.a. Third Culture Kids) * Voluntary migrants who have chosen to leave their country of origin in order to live as foreigners in a new land (Extracted from Wikipedia). Having lived outside of my birth country and on several continents since 1984, I strive to help young global nomads develop their strengths and find study paths at universities around the world that might match their personal backgrounds, interests and goals. N.B.: I do not have any vested interest in any of the programs or institutions mentioned.
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28 Responses to Studying Medicine in English, in Europe

  1. we want to know good university for my daughter who wants to do Under graduate course in Medicine and that too in English in Europe, she is at teh moment International student but in June she gets her EU nationality, German citizenship

  2. narges says:

    hi there
    thanks for the very useful information.
    I have a question, what of these countries offer low tuition fees for british students?


  3. thank you so much really needed this.

  4. Ricahrd says:

    Thank you for all those links.

  5. Sophie says:

    Hello to everyone who is currently looking for possibilities to study medicine in Europe. I am currently a student in the new medical university “Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität” in Krems, Austria. We are the first cohort studying here, and the system is completely new in Austria. The curriculum is divided into 2 parts

    1. English Bachelor in “Health Sciences”,3-year Program, BSc

    2. German Master in “Humanmedizin”, 3-year Program, finishing with the Dr. med. univ.

    Our first semester is coming to its ends and I am really happy to have gotten the chance to study in this absolutely amazing new university. The english language gives us the chance to study in an international environment, which prepares us for scientifically international careers. In addition, our small class of only 28 students allows us to interact and communicate with the lecturers and other students in a familiar and close environment.

    If you have any questions regarding the University or any other requests, feel free to contact me any time 🙂

    here is the official website of our university:

    Kind regards,

  6. gurjendersihe2012 says:

    Thank you for sharing valuable information. Nice post. I enjoyed reading this post. The whole blog is very nice found some good stuff and good information here Thanks..Also visit my page FMCG Companies jobs .

  7. Zenum says:

    Hey Sophie. Can I have some more info on it too please, and what are the entry requirements? Thank you

  8. franklin says:

    pls i wana study medicine in europe in english,pls what country is suitable and affordable for my study,i am thinking of romania,czech republic,ukraine,macedonia or serbia.pls what is most preferable place.

  9. Kate says:

    Hi everyone,
    Check out
    Benefits of applying through our services.
     Securing a place is guaranteed.
     No entrance examination ..
     Low cost of living .
     Affordable processing fee for quality and efficient service

  10. Leon says:

    Great post!
    There is also a listing of European medical schools which offer programs in English (in MDIS which represents several of them) which can be helpful:

  11. jahmad1 says:

    Why should you study medicine abroad?

    Check out

    Time to follow your dreams

  12. Juan Hugo says:

    Hi could you please advise me where to study i have a bachelors degree in perfusion, hope to study medicine in EU

  13. Wale says:

    Hello and thanks for this post.
    Can i get a list of medical schools with tuition less than $8000?
    Thanks alot again


  14. mohd ismail i says:

    Dear sir
    pls i need an adimission from your university,on a course medicine pls do you have scholaship

  15. I will like to gain admission to study medicine in Europe

  16. fredoski says:

    i am interested in the university of Vienna but I dont full knowledge about the school. can any resourceful student feed me with some useful information?. my email is thanks

  17. Al says:


    My daughter is UK citizen who would like to study for Medicine outside England. Can you please let me know which college for medicine course in Europe is authorised by the UK Medical Association for practicing without any PLAB test.


  18. naomi says: Good luck

    Thousands of medical doctors are trained every year in all the medical universities in Romania. This includes undergraduate and specialitiy training. The Romanian government spends €3.5bn (£2.9bn) every year for the training of doctors. Medical schools, formal medical and healthcare education has been existence since the early 1700s in Romania. Romania has produced some prominent figures in medicine including George Emil Palade, a Romanian cell biologist and the Nobel Prize winner of 1974. He was born in Iași, in North-Eastern Romania. Nicolae Paulescu, the discoverer of insulin, was born in Bucharest, Romania.

    Studies in medical universities in Romania has become very appealing to students all over the world, and Europe for several reasons. Low tuition fees, low cost of living, high standards of teaching and the different languages of study contribute to the increasing number of students who apply every year to study medicine in a medical unversity in Romania

    Medical universities in Romania recognise the European transfer of credits and accumulation system, making it possible to transfer from one medical university to another or from one faculty to another in the same medical university.

  19. Florian says:

    Great article, but there are some Universities missing – for example list of medical schools in Czech Republic or Slovakia is not complete.
    This website may help applicants a lot – it contains every relevant information about the schools of medicine, veterinary, dentistry or pharmacy in Europe –

  20. Jerry Smith says:

    Yes, Hope Medical Institute ( ) is a best for Studying Medicine in English In Poland.

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